Bed Restraints are going viral in the Kink Community. Here’s why

Bed restraints are sex aids used by couples who indulge in BDSM and derive pleasure from restraints and bondage. Nearly every sexually active individual is aware of what BDSM stands for in the status quo. Most people who know what it is, do not stop experimenting.

BDSM is an acronym for Bondage-Domination-Sadism/Submission-Masochism. It in the bedroom usually involves one or more partner/s being the dominant partner/s and other partner/s being the submissive one/s who submit/s to the dominant partner’s/partners’ sexual desires obediently (obviously both the parties agree upon and follow a previously agreed upon set of rules). Bondage enhances the levels of sexual arousal by bringing blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, ladles, ropes, sex toys, and under-bed restraints into play. It teaches a feeling of fear, excitement, and stimulation while simultaneously making sex a whole lot exciting. 

  Let us understand why the members of this kinky community are specifically adorning bed restraints.


Bed Restraints and their types

Under Bed Restraints click here to see them, are restraints used in bed to tie up the submissive partner to restrict their movement. There are primarily 3 types of bed restraints used by people who engage in bondage.

1) Ropes – These are the most readily available restraints that can be used to tie up a sub in bed. However, one needs to remember that the knots can be easily opened and not to tie up the partner too tight as it causes difficulty in blood circulation. They also take up a lot more time to set up than ready-made bed restraints like the X-type and Double strap type restraints.


2) The X-type Bed Restraint – These types of under-bed restraints are commonly available in all sex toy stores like . They have four straps (one for each limb) from a single tip that goes beneath the bed’s mattress. You can either loosen or tighten each of the four individual straps according to your requirements. You can also adjust the strap length to stretch your partner’s limbs to their comfort level. This kind of restraint is very adjustable but a bit tricky to position in the beginning.

3) The Double Strap Type Bed Restraint – These kinds of under-bed restraints have two pairs of straps. The top pair of straps has attachment points for the wrist cuffs and the bottom pair of straps for the ankle cuffs. It is straightforward to put on and convenient to store and carry. They are also readily available in any sex toy store. The major disadvantage of this setup is one cannot adjust the width of the wrist and ankle cuffs. Depending on the sub’s body type, the straps may be too close or too far.


Why is it going viral?

After the rise of common sex toys like dildos and vibrators, Bed Restraints have taken the kink community by storm. Here’s why –

1) They are Beginners friendly – When someone has just dipped their toes in Bondage, more often than not, they are scared to experiment with aggressive toys like whips and wooden frames. In these cases, bed restraints are the best bondage equipment. They are not too aggressive since the submissive is allowed to lie down on the bed comfortably.


2) Makes the sub stay still – While other restraints like a ball gag or handcuffs might inhibit movements of certain parts, they still allow the sub to move about to some extent. This is not the case with bed restraints. The sub’s hands and legs are tied up, making it impossible for them to stop the Dom from doing whatever they want. The BDSM community believes that this brings ultimate pleasure to the sub (because they have no choice but to absorb all the pleasure by keeping put) and the Dom who is free to experiment with the sub’s sensitive spots without experiencing any resistance.


3) Establishes power dynamics – Under Bed restraints, keep the submissive partner in complete control, making the dominant feel like they are the one who is solely in power. This feeling of being in power gratifies the sexual kink of a person who inherently enjoys being a Dom. Similarly, the feeling of having no control over their body or total submission makes the submissive feel vulnerable and helpless. This particular feeling is enjoyed by a person who likes to pretend to be a sub in the bedroom.


The only downside of Bed-Restraints

Using under-bed restraints is highly gratifying, but there is one major short-term disadvantage of this masochistic trap. 

Beginners will find it difficult to set up during the first few times. Even for experienced users, setting up bed restraints is extremely time-consuming and goes against the nature of the kind of spontaneity that people enjoy during intercourse and foreplay. Bed Restraints are usually complicated with several latches, well crows, and belt buckles that need adjusting to ensure the partner who is being restrained is comfortable and adequately restrained at the same time.


Do’s and Don’ts while trying out bed restraints.

You might be very excited to try out under bed restraints the next time you have sex, but you must adhere to the following principles while using any kind of restraints:

  • Always choose a unique ‘safe word’ that the submissive can use when the play gets too intense to handle.
  • Keep scissors nearby to cut open the ties or ropes in an emergency.
  • Never leave a restrained person unattended.
  • Do not tie up the person too tight as it may hinder blood flow to the tightly tied up body parts. Use belts and leather cuffs instead of ropes if you intend to keep the person tied up for a long time.

Enjoy the sensual experience of restrained sex but be careful while taking part

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